Our History
You might be wondering about EBC history. Here, we will tell you about it! EBC was founded in 1929 by Manuel Gómez Morin and it is considered as Mexico’s first private business school. EBC emerged as a response to the need for banking modernization and the growing demand for training finance specialists. When it opened its doors, it had 118 students; now, 87 years later, the institution houses more than 12,000 students and 1,500 academic staff across its nine campuses located in central and southern Mexico. EBC offers a specialized business education through eight undergraduate and postgraduate programs.
Our mission is to create enterprising professionals whose knowledge, actions and personality make them shine out within their organizations. In fact, our Alumni include prominent business leaders and entrepreneurs such as Lino de Prado, Chairman of ZARA Mexico; Roberto Servitje, founder and CEO of Grupo Bimbo; Carlos Kasuga, founder and Chairman of Yakult Mexico; and Enrique Osorio Heinze, Director of Price Waterhouse Coopers.

We are students for life

At EBC, we believe knowledge to be the basis of all wisdom, and by embracing it we can evolve.

Strength in knowledge

We drive progress

At EBC, we believe skills and attitude to be the foundations for all actions, and these are our tools for going forward.

Proficiency in actions

We are honest and socially responsible

At EBC, we believe that our attitudes and values define who we are, and it is our ethics that set us apart.

Integrity in personality