Academic Model

At EBC, you education will be conducted within a holistic learning model that will prepare you to meet challenges in local and international business environments.

This model is reinforced by the undergraduate vocational training which you study from the fifth semester onwards. Thanks to our Business Liaison department you can do an internship in various companies including KPMG, Deloitte, HSBC, Wal-Mart and Procter & Gamble. The aim of this program is to integrate you successfully into the labour market.

Multimodel Campus

While you are studying at EBC you can have the opportunity of studying in different campuses. For example, if you come to our Reforma Campus in Mexico City but you are also looking for a more traditional way of life you are entitled to ask for changing campus and maybe study at Queretaro or Chiapas Campus.

Why can this be done? Because our programmes have the same structure in all campuses and changing campuses does not affect quality, teaching method or records.

This is the advantage of our Multicampus Model!

If you are an exchange student (transfering credits) you might have to get authorisation from your home university.

Sello EBC
Entrepreneurship Training
Courses to start up or renovate any-size companies
Business Training
Courses to develop managerial skills
Professional Training
Courses to acquire administration skills as basic discipline
Period of work within a company which will introduce you to the business sector


Member of CACECA (Accreditation Council on Accounting and Administration Education)
Academic Autonomy by Presidential Decree since 1939
Member of FIMPES (Mexican Federation of Private Institutions of Higher Education)
Certificate of Academic Excellence by the Ministry of Education (# SEP/PSA/2006/017. Dated 27-Sep-2006)
8 Social Corporate Responsibility Awards (year-year)