Health Care and Insurance

International Health Insurance

Students must have an international medical coverage for the entire period of their stay. You should double check with you insurance company at home that your policy covers hospitalization and medical care during your international travel, as well as, repatriation to your home country in case of medical emergency.

You must make sure you have proof of this coverage with you at all times.


Mexican Health Insurance

In compliance with the Mexican law requirements for Education Institutions, all international students must have a Mexican Health Insurance for their entire study period at our country. This insurance is complementary to your international health insurance.

Medi Acces Co. is EBC’s medical insurance company for all our International Students. You will be given details on coverage and costs once you apply to our exchange programme and are accepted. It is mandatory for all international students to purchase this insurance before arriving to EBC.

Please note that EBC could decide to stop your participation in its exchange programme if you do not have this insurance.

Once you have this insurance card, you must make sure that you carry it with you at all times.