Living in Mexico
The currency of Mexico is the Mexican peso. You can find out how much a Mexican peso is worth by checking the currency converter.

Cost of living

In Mexico the life cost is cheap compared with developed countries but it will depend in the way of life you are used to. On average studying in Mexico, including your insurance and study books costs between $ 600 and $ 800 USD a month. However, if you include going out and having an active social life, you may need more.

Below, we have broken down an example of the cost of living per month:

  • Accommodation: 450 USD
  • Food: 250 USD
  • Public Transportation: 40 USD
  • Books and stationary: 20 USD
  • Dinner out with friends (fancy): 20-30 USD
  • Tickets for cinema: 5 USD
  • Cab from downtown to apartment: 10-15 USD
  • Cup of coffee: 2-4 USD
  • Trip to the beach (3 day all inclusive): 500-800 USD
  • Party night: 10-50 USD
  • New clothes or outfit: 30-200 USD
  • Museum ticket: 5 USD Sundays free!


For housing, you should count on needing an average of $450USD per month. You will find different options from apartments, houses or furnished single rooms. It is important to mention that in order to book your accommodation you will have to pay a deposit; this deposit will be refunded to you at the end of your stay.

EBC does not have its own halls or residences, therefore students have to find accommodation somewhere nearby but International students can get assistance in finding it from their EBC Campus Coordinator.

More information will be available at your admission at EBC.



In Mexico you will have access to different level of supermarkets that sell lots of products for fair prices. Therefore, quite some money can be saved on an average bag of groceries. You may count on spending $200usd in a month on groceries, if you decide to eat at home; but if you loke to eat out, you will need more.

Restaurants and drinks

Eating in restaurants, having a drink out, and of course going out to one of our bars or discotheques may be the most expensive factor. In an average bar a beer costs $4usd and a glass of wine $8usd. A cola costs about $2usd. You should count on spending $6usd to $8usd on a cup of coffee or tea. Strong spirits and cocktails range between $5usd and $8usd.

Prices in normal restaurants in Mexico average between $10 and $25 for a main course, depending on the place. The cheapest places in Groningen to eat out are the University cafeteria or fast food.


Food culture

The Mexican food culture may not be what you are used to at home. For instance: it is typical Mexican to have breakfast out on the street. Also, it is usual to have a three-course menu around 2 or 3 in the evening. The catering at EBC therefore offers mostly snacks, drinks and sandwiches in the mornings and a three-course meal at midday.


In Mexico you will find that clothes are cheap in general but it will depend in which store are you buying. You may buy a pair of jeans as cheap as for $25usd.