Programmes and courses
EBC is specialised in Business, so all of our programmes and courses are within this area of study.

The programmes and courses described below are offered in Spanish in all of our campuses. Regarding courses in English, they are only offered in our Reforma and Toluca Campuses.

BA in Administration (Management)

If your destiny is to become a professional manager, EBC offers a curriculum with four cardinal points in administration: creativity to design and undertake projects; ability to negotiate and take advantage of the available resources; professional tools to manage and meet targets; and work experience through internships. Embark upon this journey with EBC..

BA in Communication and Entertainment Business Management

This BA will help you to become a professional who will be ready to make of our leisure time a time of ​​beauty and fun. You will be able to design and create business projects that motivate our life and encourage us to pursue our dreams. EBC is a solid institution with experience in the field of business where you will obtain any necessary tool to develop your creativity.

BA in Accounting

Since 1929, EBC has taught accountancy because since back then our founders recognized the urgent need to train human capital capable of easily be integrated to the workforce. Therefore, our teaching system ensures that you will find a job easily. Thanks to the EBC hallmark seal, you will not only learn theory and mathematic processes but you will become a great professional accountant.

BA in Commerce and International Business

Study with us Commerce and International Business in order to prepare yourself for the future. At EBC our specialized courses in business and entrepreneurship will help you to develop strong skills and attitudes for life, such as: be independent, competitive, supportive, outgoing, prudent and honest. No other institution offers a more solid business foundation.

BA in Finance and Banking

EBC is a pioneer in teaching finance and banking in Mexico. Its main mission is to provide quality human capital that our country needs to rebuild and modernize its economy. Studying Finance and Banking at EBC means to have access to the best business education; a solid skill development and to achieve attitudes for professional success. A graduate in Finance and Banking from EBC belongs to a special generation of businessmen committed to general community welfare.

BA in Tourism and Hospitality Management

For Mexico and other countries around the world, tourism is an important source of income. This is why EBC invites you to study a BA degree in Tourism and Hospitality Management. EBC trains professionals to meet the following needs: become a specialist in hospitality, restaurant and tourism management. You will have the chance to prepare yourself for the real business world. Come to EBC and become a professional in managing hotels and tourism services to make others happy!

BA in Marketing

Studying our BA in Marketing means learning from those who are actually in contact with the marketing business world. What make a true marketing specialist are not only books and classes but also to possess the ability of detecting needs and creating products that make our life easier and also beautiful, comfortable and fun. At EBC, we take you from a mere apprentice to be a great marketing professional capable to achieve success.