Visa and Immigration
Immigration requirements are related to your nationality, not to the country in which you live. Also, you will have to consider length of time of your stay or if you want to do an internship

Those students who will stay in Mexico more than 180 days and those who will do an internship during their period of study need the Mexican student visa without exemption.

Applying for a Mexican student visa can only be done outside Mexico; once you are within the country it is not possible to do it.

Before you can start your immigration process, you need to make sure that you will meet all required criteria:

  • You are admitted and have an acceptance letter from EBC.
  • You have all required documents by the Mexican authority.
  • You have sufficient money to afford your stay in Mexico.
  • You are insured.

How to apply for a Mexican Visa?

Applicant: The student himself / herself.

Where to apply: The closest Mexican Embassy or consulate in your home country.

Documents: Enquire as early as possible with the closest Mexican Embassy for the correct documents.

Student Visa Registration: Once in Mexico, you will be required to register your Student Visa at the National Migration Office (INM).

During the orientation week you will have an appointment with the INM in order to do this. Please do not miss the appointment because you only have 30 days after your arrival to register. If you exceed this period, you will have to leave Mexico and apply for the visa again.